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What is JV3, when is it required and what does it cost?

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What is a JV3 Assessment?

JV3 is an assessment method that uses software modelling to show compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). It is an alternative pathway (verification method) that provides greater flexibility than the DTS requirements in Section J.


A JV3 will determine determine how the proposed building performances compared to a reference building. The reference building is modelled using all the DTS provisions in Section J. The proposed building is modelled with the insulation and glazing that will be installed during construction.


Once the models are complete, the insulation and glazing in the proposed building can then be adjusted. Compliance is demonstrated if the proposed building has lower energy usage than the reference building.

What are the benefits of JV3?

Section J requires compliance to be demonstrated with each performance requirement in Section J. This approach is restrictive because it looks at each element of the building in isolation and does not consider the expected energy usage.


The shortcomings of Section J can be addressed with a JV3 assessment. JV3 uses software modelling to determine expected energy usage. The modelling is comprehensive so it allows for a high level of optimisation and trade-offs. This means it has the flexibility of offsetting energy usage with Solar PV Panels, or using higher insulation to reduce glazing requirements.


The JV3 can account for the following during modelling:


  • Interaction between the different building components
  • The impact of shading from nearby structures and buildings
  • The impact of thermal mass (heat storage in building materials)
  • The impact of heat production from lights, occupants and appliances
  • The impact of colour selections

JV3 Modelling

Our JV3 Modelling for commercial buildings shows compliance with the Section J regulations. We use advanced simulation techniques to guarantee compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). Discover how our services can enhance your project’s sustainability and lead to cheaper compliance outcomes:


  • Advanced Software and Tools: We use software such as EnergyPlus for comprehensive energy assessments.

  • JV3 Compliance Expertise: Our team specialises in JV3 compliance, ensuring your designs align seamlessly with NCC standards.

  • Optimization of Building Elements: Software modeling optimises insulation, glazing, HVAC systems, and shading devices to deliver the best outcome.

  • Detailed Reports and Recommendations: Our reports allow architects, builders, and developers to easily understand the compliance requirements.

Green Choice Consulting can help ensure your new building is both cost-effective and compliant.


What does a JV3 cost?

The cost of a JV3 Report varies depending on the class and size of the building. Most assessments  will range from $2000-$4000 (plus GST).



The cost of the assessment varies based on the following factors:


  • The number of different wall types
  • The number of different roof types
  • The number of levels in the building
  • The type of floor construction
  • The amount of shading and glazing

Larger projects will take additional time to model and will have higher costs.

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