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New homes, renovations and extensions in Perth will require an Energy Efficiency Report.

What is an Energy Efficiency Report?

An Energy Efficiency Report is an assessment of the energy efficiency of a new home. The report will ensure that your new home meets a set threshold for thermal comfort. The report will show minimum insulation and glazing requirements or it will be a star rating (NatHERS 6 Stars). Our team can complete a star rating by modelling the design of your home in energy software.


The rating will calculate how much energy you will use to keep your house comfortable. The report will show that your compliant with the energy efficiency requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC). This document must be submitted to the authorities to get a building permit for new homes, alterations, extensions and renovations.

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Need an Energy Efficiency Report in Perth?

If you need an Energy Efficiency Report in Perth, contact Green Choice Consulting to arrange your assessment.  All reports need to show compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and government requirements.


The energy efficiency requirements can be met through the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions or a performance solution.


Deemed-to-Satisfy Options:

  • Energy Rating such as a NatHERS Assessment
  • Using the elemental provisions in accordance with clause 3.12.0(a)(ii) of the NCC

Performance Solution:

A performance solution shows compliance by making a comparison with the DTS provisions. Green Choice Consulting has an in-house performance solution which leads to cost-effective outcomes.


WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for Energy Efficiency

The WA government has developed the WA Alterations and Additions Protocol. The protocol provides guidance for showing compliance on existing homes. The protocol is a performance solution which can be used to show that additions, extensions and renovations are compliant.

'Switch Your Thinking' Initiative

Green Choice Consulting is proud to be a part of the Switch Your Thinking initiative that encourages residents and businesses within the City of Armadale, City of Gosnells and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale localities, plus a number of partner councils, to live and work sustainably.


This initiative has two excellent rewards programs; Rewards for Residents and Rewards for Business; whereby those eligible can access a range of discounts on products and services that will help you live and do business more sustainably.


As part of this initiative, Green Choice Consulting is offering residents and homeowners with properties located within the Switch Your Thinking councils a 10% discount off the initial quoted price of a NatHERS assessment. Simply mention the program to us when enquiring about your NatHERS assessment.


Residents, council staff and businesses situated in the following LGAs will be eligible:

  • City of Gosnells
  • Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
  • City of Armadale
  • City of Kalamunda
  • City of Melville
  • Town of Cambridge
  • Shire of Mundaring
  • City of South Perth
  • Town of Victoria Park
  • City of Perth
  • City of Vincent
  • City of Belmont
  • Town of Bassendean
  • City of Canning
  • City of Stirling
  • City of Swan

If your property is located in one of the above council areas, get in touch about your NatHERS assessment and be sure to mention your discount. 

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Will my home have an efficient energy rating?

The most common way to measure the energy efficiency of a new home is using NatHERS software. An assessor will use the building plans to model the home in the energy rating software. The software will then generate a rating on a scale from 0 to 10 stars. In Australia, the current standard (2022) is a 6 star energy rating.

  • A 10 star home is a passive home that uses no energy for heating or cooling year round
  • A 0 star home will provide no insulation from outdoor temperatures and will be uncomfortable
  • A 6 star home indicates a good level of comfort and energy usage
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How is the energy rating determined?

The calculations operate on a simulation engine developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).


The rating of your home is dependent on the following factors:

  • The local climate
  • Layout and orientation of the home
  • Roof, walls, floors and ceiling construction methods and insulation
  • Overhead shading
  • Shading from nearby buildings and structures
  • Glazing type, positioning and size

The rating does not take into consideration appliances or renewable energy sources such as solar panels or batteries.

Minimum Requirements for Energy Efficiency Compliance

The nationwide house energy rating is commonly used to determine the minimum requirements. Under the scheme your home will be modelled to determine the required energy usage for each room of the home.


The software will generate a star rating based on the design, and insulation used to the building shell. The building shell will include the floors, roof, walls, windows and doors.


The star rating calculated in the software will determine what glazing and insulation is required to the building shell.

Do I need an accredited Energy Efficiency Consultant?

Insured – We have professional indemnity insurance.


Accurate & Reliable – Our jobs get audited regularly to maintain a high quality standard.


Endorsed Energy Reports– Only an accredited assessor can complete an energy assessment using NatHERS Software.


Accredited – Our Founder and Director of Green Choice Consulting is Design Matters National accredited with membership number DMN/21/2045.

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